Suomen Borzoiklubi ry

FBC Activities and Committees

General: The club organizes a borzoi specialty yearly. During the last few years the entries have been well over 100 borzois for the one-day event. The club also organizes several official lure coursing and track racing events for borzoi yearly. Borzoi weekends are held semiannually, in the spring and in the fall. The statutory member meetings are usually held at these weekends. In the spring weekend we've held unofficial obedience matches since 1992, and also some obedience training has been in the program. In the fall weekend we usually compete for the club's lure coursing championship. In both weekends there usually are some borzoi related lectures, as well as unofficial social events. The club also collects, translates and types out all written critiques from every show of the year and passes them on to all members once a year.

Committees: In addition to the board of the FBC there are five committees which keep the wheels turning: breeding, show, coursing, newsletter, and leisure committees. The term of office is two years. There are also some individual positions which also are vital to running FBC, such as membership registry keeper, treasurer, breeder adviser and article salesperson.

The breeding committee among others organizes breeder advisory lectures, takes part in educating judges, gathers information on the health situation of borzoi, and replies to stud and puppy inquiries.

The show committee mainly concentrates on organizing the yearly borzoi specialty and collecting the necessary funds for it. The committee also counts the yearly FBC show borzoi points.

The coursing committee organizes several lure coursing and track racing events yearly around the country, some for all sighthounds and some exclusively for borzoi. It also arranges practices and training sessions to members, and counts the FBC coursing borzoi points.

The newsletter committee (editorial staff) publishes a quarterly newsletter called 'BORZOI'. The newsletter consists of meeting minutes, articles, show and coursing results and membership ads. The committee also maintains these home pages.

The leisure committee mainly takes care of the leisure part of the weekend meetings, but also organizes trips to big shows abroad etc.

FBC also has several articles furnished with the club logo for sale, such as stickers, calendars, clothes, bags and jewellery, and also some yearbooks. Also some show and coursing videos are available for rent.