Suomen Borzoiklubi ry

Becoming a member of the Finnish Borzoi Club

The membership fee for foreign members:

Active member 35 €

Active member under 15y of age (not eligible to vote) 20 €

Puppy buyers (when the member breeder pays the first membership fee) 20 €

Due date: 28th February 2020

Please pay your membership fee to The Finnish Borzoi Club account at

Iisalmen Osuuspankki

IBAN: FI58 5068 0620 1603 07


Remember to add your name, address and email in the payment form and state what the payment is for.

Please inform the membership registrar if your address, e-mail or telephone number has changed:

Virpi Laitamäki
Siuttilantie 67
23500 Uusikaupunki
jasensihteeri.sbk(a) (a)=@